Dry Carpet Cleaning Is Not About Dry Cleaning Your Carpets

When people hear dry carpet cleaning, they imagine us coming with a van, picking up their carpets, performing a dry cleaning, and then bringing them back in a couple of days. This, of course, makes no sense whatsoever, but the professional community of carpet cleaners carries a part of the responsibility for not explaining what the procedure involves.

Let me start with a bit of a shocker – dry carpet cleaning is actually… not dry. It uses significantly less water or steam, though – hence the somewhat misleading term. The active cleaning compound reacts with the microparticles in the carpet fibre with outstanding efficiency and allows for a much more concentrated treatment. We do not use dry carpet cleaning for general treatment of your floor coverings or large scale sanitary issues – it is only effective for small-scale areas – like removing persistent stains or mould spots.

The obvious advantage of the method is the drying period – three or even four times shorter than hot water extraction or steam washing. If we treat your carpet and then use a fan to speed up the process, you can walk on the cleaned area in less than one hour, which is impossible with any other method.

Do not try to perform dry carpet cleaning with improvised materials at home – you only risk to damage the fabrics. Get in touch with a professional cleaner instead and let them do their magic.